LOTD: MAC Dazzleglass Miss Dynamite

i think am kinda leaning towards LOTDs nowadays as i am not getting up as early as i can to put makeup on in the morning. *sigh*

anyway, even the most boring lips will easily get liven up with lip products such as MAC Dazzleglass Miss Dynamite.

it has super shine gloss with orangey-gold specks - love it! i actually own several Dazzleglasses (7, i think) and this is the one i used most of the time without any lipstick underneath it. there's something about the very shiny finish of this gloss and the specks that the light definitely catches on and reflects beautifully that got me addicted to it! if MAC will launch more colors, i will be sure to get more!

do you own a MAC Dazzleglass? how are you liking it?

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