Haul: Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, Bumpits and Giordano ball tee

part of blogging is hauling and i really love that part! ^_^ just want to share with you some of the items i recently picked up.

i have finished my DHC Deep Cleasing Oil the other day and quickly got another bottle of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil the next day. i've done a review on comparing these cleansing oils (click here) as well as a special one for Fancl's (click here). got this 120ml bottle at OG mall (along Orchard Road) for S$33.

Japanese products think of even the box - very innovative and creative indeed!

see how it opens up to be read lengthwise! makes us of every space and very informative too!

you can even remind yourself of when it will expire - just so thoughtful! ^_^

this is their regular bottle - i got one before that's Snow White inspired

if you haven't tried Fancl, i suggest you try to get hold of one! it changed my whole perspective of makeup remover and i even ditched Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil for it. it is highly MereMakeupManiac recommended! ^_^

i've been scouring for hair styling tutorials over youtube the other day as well and got curious on volumizing hair - since i've very thin hair. there are lots of videos on using Bumpits and so figured i try one. i got mine at 7-11 for S$9.90.




i am still clueless at how to us these things so if i've figured them out i'll update y'all. i like that there a bunch of styles listed with instructions on the style guide i can hopefully create. ^_^

it was a holiday last Tuesday here so my kids, hubby and I hit the cinema to catch Cars 2 - great movie! i acutally thought it was as good as the prequel. not many sequels can supercede or come close to the prequel imo so kudos to Cars 2! anyway, i passed by a Giordano outlet and saw ball tees! yeah, i got excited lol.

Giordano's ball tee print ad

i got this for S$20.70 after member's discount (SRP S$23). i can't wait to match this with my black leggings!

how's your hauling ladies???


  1. Sis, this is a nice set of spending :) Will wait for your final thoughts on FANCL cleansing oil. And do a post on you wearing bumpits when you get your way around em :D

    (I dont have twitter. I made one lang for giveaways but I have yet to learn the real deal with this social networking app)

  2. I love Cars 2 too! Mater is so funny. :P

    Nice haul, I adore Japanese products for being so creative. Not to mention the great quality.

  3. hi Argie, thanks for making kunsinti of my spending hehe! i left a comment on your blog. :)

    hey Grace! aren't they love! bilib talaga ako sa Jap beauty items!

  4. Sis box pa lang ng Fancl bongga na! At work, i was just talking to this lady working for the brand sa Taiwan, at super love niya Fancl!!!! Intriga mode!!!!

    Cute naman yung Giordano top! So comfy!!!

  5. sis, can you use my contact form to message me your mobile number? :D thanks, thanks, thanks!

  6. @Nikki: actually nakaka tempt mag hoard sa Fancl, dami nilang promising items! super love ko talaga siya hehe. ok yung Giordano ball tee, cute pa tignan hehe.

    @Argie: will do sis, although nasa SG na ko ulit. :( but roaming naman iyon so ok lang hehe.


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