operation wardrobe update

wow, time sure does fly - it's already the end of a work week! (^__^) that means, a few more hours away from resting over the weekend. other than resting, dressing up or down is a good idea too. (~__^)

speaking of dress, wanna share with you ladies some updates in my wardrobe arena. i purchased some of these items from Manila just over a week ago before i went for my surgery and some here in Singapore.

introducing...! :P

EXHIBIT A - DP beige kitty heels

i was planning to visit Anthology shoes at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Makati but was informed that the store featuring them there (Anthem) already moved. :-/ i didn't want to waste my trip and instead got ushered into Dorothy Perkins. i love this store ever since my first visit because of three things: their clothes are very stylish and trendy, they have my size and their staff are customer-oriented. it doesn't matter what country am in or what branch i visit, their staff are helpful, courteous and always smiling. back to my purchase, i got a pair of brown shorts (which i forgot to take a pic of *duh* but it's very cute) and a pair of beige kitty heels. they were on 50% sale so how could i say no to that? it usually goes for PhP1,745 but i got for around PhP870 - isn't that a steal? it still needs break-in though - the first i wore it my face looked like am gonna cry any minute because it hurts! i've been used to heels when i was younger but when i started wearing flats i always cry when i wear heels, no matter how low it may be. :( anyway, this pair looked great on me and sort of elongated my ham-like legs so i guess this is ok for times when i won't walk much hehe.

EXHIBIT B - GAP maxi cardigan

i have a selection of sleeveless tops and since am a bit on the heavy size (if you must know am between US14-16), i prefer to hide my biceps hehe. thus, i hunted for the nicest cardigan i could find. i scoured all shops i went to and finally found this angel - GAP maxi cardigan. i intended to use this cardigan open always and i just love how it drapes. it's loose fitting for me and falls until my butt (sorry for the use of the word, for explanation purposes only! :D). i love it! i never thought "oversize" cardigan would look good on me - really nice. the knit does not feel hot even with very humid weather now in Singapore. got this at GAP Robinson's Place on sale for PhP1,850, usual SRP is PhP2,250. a bit of a pricey buy but well worth it because of the material used and quality of knitting. i love it so much am actually thinking of getting another one in dark brown! maybe after a month... hehe.

EXHIBIT C - Faith21 black stringed sleeves top

when i tried this on at Forever21 SM Makati, i got so excited with how it looked on me i nearly screamed in the dressing room! :D i've always wanted a stringed sleeve top but see very few and usually they look tacky. this one though looks classy and slimming i never thought twice from buying it. it's from their plus size line called Faith21, which i didn't know existed until i went to Manila - in Singapore afaik they don't showcase this line (probably time to put in the suggestion box eh? ;D) damage for this top is PhP915, which is a very good buy for it's quality and design. my pic does not really do justice of how it really looks like so to give you an idea it's sort of like this:

when worn:

mine's sleeves is longer - that's the only difference. i'll post a pic of me wearing it to let you visualize it's silhouette.

EXHIBIT D - Faith21 red sleeveless see-through blouse

this blew my mind the first time i saw it. i didn't even have to try it on to know it will look smashing. look at it! it's just so gorgeous. i do need to buy a red tank top though to go underneath it. got it at PhP915 a well, a very great deal.

EXHIBIT E - MNG knitted sleeveless tops

i only chanced upon these when i saw the MNG window sale banner while the family and i were on an escalator coming down from Food Republic at 313@Somerset along Orchard Road. i was looking for black or brown but only colored tops were available, which was not bad because my wardrobe mostly consists of blacks so it's probably time to add more color. :D got each one for S$14, usual SRP is $29.

EXHIBIT F - MNG black leggings

my old Zara black leggings already died a few weeks ago hehe so i need to replace them. i bought this and didn't try it on at the store but when i first wore it, the fit and feel of the cloth is just unbelievably comforting. i regretted buying only one because when i returned after 2 weeks there's no more stock in my size. :( paid S$19 for it - really great buy!

EXHIBIT G - M&S work trousers

nothing special with this one, i just needed a new pair of trousers for work. found this at Marks & Spender Robinsons Place. damage is PhP1,295. a bit steep but i can't really find cheap clothes, especially bottoms, for my size. :-/

EXHIBIT H - thin belts

at church, i serve actively as an usher and one of the requirements in our attire is belt. i have one but it's the thick, garterized one and i feel it doesn't always suit what i wear. i found this at SM Makati Department Store for PhP139.75 each.

EXHIBIT I - flowery headband

last but definitely not the least, i took notice of this flowery headband at SM Makati Department Store. it's from a brand named M.I.C. which stands for Makes It Complete - cute right? i tried it on and decided i looked cute with it haha. it's a bit pricey for a hair accessory though - it's PhP149.75.

EXHIBIT J - foldable handbag hook

the cross reminds me of my Savior - if you don't know am a Christian. (^__^)

simple visual instruction how to use the bag hook

so pretty and dainty!

how it unfolds

testing out using my daughter's bag

the first time i saw this item i really got curious - how the heck does one make use of such product? then the SA at Mini Toons (where i bought it) showed me how to use it and it not only made sense but made me craved for it hehe. now, i always carry it in my bag because there are lots of occassion when you go out and eat out and most of the time there's no place to put your bag. it's pretty nifty imho. i got this on sale for S$4.95, usual SRP is S$9.90 - not a bad deal really because the item is of great quality and design. if you still don't have a bag hook, what are you waiting for? get one fast. ;P

care to share your fashion adventures lately?


  1. Hindi ka naman nag shopping sis? hahahah

    Love the Beige heels and super nice yung see through blouse na red from Faith 21 :)

  2. Nice clothes! I like the black top from Faith. :)

  3. I was so curious about the bag holder! Looks so cool and useful on the go :)

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes, i know right? na baffle din ako nung di ako familiar how to use it hehe!

    @Pammy, can't wait to wear that one too! actually nung nag fit ako nyan, feeling ko ang sexy ko hehe!

    @Nikki, naatat ako sis sobrang deprived haha! ganda noh?! kaya kahit dami ko na pinamili go lang sa cashier hehe.


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