celebrity look version: Amy Winehouse

by now, you may have already known that British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse has passed away. she is very talented and died at a very young age, such a waste of talent and life. speculations are that she died from alcohol and drug abuse.

maybe if she knew God personally her life would have been different, like what happened to Brian Welch (Korn).

anyway, as i read some articles surrounding her death several images of her surfaced as well. this made me decide to do a look with her signature style - exaggerated winged liner. this look is pretty easy and quick to do - you'll only use a handful of items.

see my version of her look after the jump

Products used:
MakeUpForEver Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation
MAC MSF Medium
Shu Uemura Mark Cealer 7Yr Medium
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Eden
MAC Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush
Maybelline Long Extreme Stilletto waterproof mascara
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Burt Bee's Replenishing Lip Balm
MAC Politely Pink lipstick

this look only calls for attention to the eyes - black brows, black eyeliner (on upper lid only), black mascara. she almost always doesn't sport blush and lip color - if she uses lip product, it's muted but not neutral. there is also emphasis on clean and clear skin. it's a simple look to do but will definitely invite stares - i know i did this morning on the way to work. :P

for this look, i used angled eyeliner brush to draw the tip at the end (at the outer lid) working my way into my inner lid. once i've drawn the triangular tip, i just use a normal eyeliner brush to fill in the space. for the brows, i actually used gel liner (fluidline) from the angled liner and smudged it onto my brows. i suppose one can also make use of black mascara. my results came out smaller than what Amy has. when i drew it, i actually thought it was already big enough. oh well. :D

she has made her mark in the music industry and made her look known as well and owned it. it's only a pity that she didn't made use of her full potential for the betterment of her life, to make use of her influence for good and downfall of her existence. still, at least now she could finally rest in peace. may God have mercy on her soul.

RIP Amy Winehouse

ask yourself: how would i live my life and make it count?


  1. Loving the liner. :)

    It's a pity Amy Winehouse passed away. I love her extraordinary voice pa naman.

  2. nakakailang nga siya sis eh, i look scary i think hehe. mas bagay talaga to kay Amy lol.

    indeed, such a waste of powerful voice. :(

  3. oh wow you're in Singapore! so lucky, I wish there's Sephora here in the Philippines :)


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