AAA means Accessories And Announcement

last Sunday, i picked up some new accessories so i can use them for the upcoming church anniversary of my beloved church, Hope Church Singapore, as i will be part of the ushering ministry that day. i went to Forever21 at Somerset@313 and here's what i got:

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got 2 string pearl necklaces in cream white and grey colors for S$7 each, a flower clip for S$each a pair and 4 plain hair clips for S$3. it was a simple haul but i liked each and every item. can't wait to use 'em! (^_^)

also, i got Elle magazine early this weekend and got a free beauty book (which is still a magazine but emphasizes more on basic beauty tips - like a beauty guide - which i think is neat especially for newbies in makeup application) as well as a makeup pouch. am quite pleased with the size, material and look of this freebie pouch - great giveaway me thinks!

and oh before i forgot, please vote on the poll at the right-hand side of my blog for what items do you want to win at my blog as am having a giveaway soon! deadline is this Sunday, just before midnight. i mentioned this in my Facebook page and it will be simple - may require a little bit of thinking and/or testing but you'll definitely like what the prize will be! you can comment if you have specific items in mind you'd think be a great prize. so it's important you tell me what you want to win - what're you waiting for, go tell me! ~_^

have a great weekend beauties!


  1. hi dear, am glad that you love them! don't be sad. i'm sure that they will have it again next year. (:


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