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21 July 2011

unintentional ardour - Burt Bee's lip balm & UD Black Palette

couple of months ago, i decided to get a new lip balm as my MAC lip conditioner is tasting a li'l bit like metal. *shudders* so, i gave Sephora a visit and came out with more. :P

been hearing a lot of good reviews about Burt's Bees lip balm so i checked it out first. i was a bit turned off with the price - S$9.90. imagine only a lip balm for that amount *sheesh*. but alright, i thought, "i'll bite." and here i am very satisfied with it hehe. i tried the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.

i love it! even my son does hehe. it glides on easily and quickly moisturizes even the flakiest/driest lips (thus i mentioned my son liking it). it has a hint of sweet smell and taste but not overpowering. it does not feel oily as well, just really conditioning. i also have been meaning to come back to tube lip balms because applying lip balm with a lip brush is a bit inconvenient. so that sums up why i love it. ~_^

moving on to the other item i purchased, i've been checking on and off Urban Decay's counter and since am not a fan of Naked Palette, which seems to be very popular, i was almost gonna miss this gorgeous palette - good thing i still bothered to look hehe. lo and behold, there is Black Palette.

i'm aware most girls are not fond of very dark eye makeup especially when placed in a single palette but i'm definitely attracted to it. i love how my eyes look with deep, vampy colors and easily i am lured by this palette.

it even comes with a mini e/s primer potion!

this shade is Eden. look how tiny and cute it is!

Black Dog is pretty much what the names suggest - it's black. :P

Sabbath is a deep blue navy - i heart blue e/s.

Barracuda is a smokey gray but a bit charcoal-y for my taste.

Cobra is a dark golden hue - haven't captured that properly here. :-/

Jet is a very sexy purple hue - am head over heels with this color.

Libertine is a dark emerald.

Also comes with a 24/7 Zero liner!

from the swatches you could see that only two colors stand out when looking from a distance - Sabbath and Jet. the rest seems like black bases with hints of other colors - gray, gold, green. it is a li'l disappointing at first but the pigmentation on these e/s are very good so that made it up for me. anyway, i love dark colors i will be using it still so there's no waste there for me. i love the idea of additional items - liner and e/s primer - because it says, "here, you'll need this too. i've thought of it for you." it kinda is sweet. :D damage is S$63 - higher than US retail but at least i got ahold of it here, no need to wait for delivery if getting from online store. i will showcase a look from this palette soon, watch out for it.

do you have impulse beauty buys you really loved??


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i'm not fond of lip balms actually but i guess the rave about burt's bees is indeed true,huh?

that UD palette looks so nice!

Pammy said...

Libertine looks gorgeous! Neutrals don't work for me so I never considered getting the Naked Palette too. :)

Askmewhats said...

Gusto ko ng ganyang kaliliit na e/s! I think its perfect :)

I love Burt's Bees!!! :)

MereMakeupManiac said...

@thia, actually i don't bother about them too before i really got serious with makeup but using lipstick frequently can dry it out pretty fast. do try it! (^_^)

@Pammy, i heart green shades too next to purple and blue. (~_~) same here! i really want to give a try but each time i do, i look dull. (#_#)

@Nikki, apir sis! lol

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