Dry 'N Shape by Sigma

Sigma brushes have been on my list of lemmings for the longest time but because i've banned myself to not buy brushes for a while, it got forgotten - until a few days ago, when i revived once again my almost-dying blog. :P while in the course of creating posts, i visited Sigma's website and found out they have a new product - Dry 'N Shape. it's supposed to dry makeup brushes in 4-6 hours and retain the original shape of it's hair. how fabuluous does that sound?

More pictures and video after the jump

Dry'n Shape from simone oliveira on Vimeo.

after all this intro to the product, i find it very interesting. i normally wait for my makeup brushes to dry overnight and the hair tends to scatter when air dried. it seems reviews about this product solves that issue and that is totally a big reason to be excited!

i tried to check this item out (it sells at US$29) to know the damage if i will purchase one. i found out if it will be shipped to Singapore the shipping fee for USPS Express International (6-20 days delivery with tracking number) will cost me US$34 while the shipping fee for USPS First Class International (up to 8 weeks delivery without tracking number) will cost me US$10.89. it will be cheaper to get the complete kit with brush roll to go with it because then the shipping fee would be US$43.50 for USPS Express International or US$24.89 for USPS First Class International. hmn, i should prepare my orders soon... :D

did you ever discovered an item new to your awareness and totally piqued your interest enough to consider buying it? spill!!!


  1. ay ang galing! i am liking this product! Nawawalan lang talaga ako ng gana sa international shipping kasi forever and a day ang wait mode!


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