Review: Sleek Makeup O.M.G. lipstick

ola chikas! i'm back at work today hehe. still feeling a little bit under the weather but i'd have to suck it up - program codes waiting for me in the office aren't going to code themselves haha! ok, enough geek talk lol time for some makeup talk!

for Valentine's Day, i received a gift from my daughter - Sleek Makeup O.M.G. lipstick. she asked me what i wanted and i showed here everything i wanted at haha! i think she chose this not only because it looked pretty but because it's what she can afford too hehe! she was super sweet to have gotten me anything really! (^_^)

i admit, the first time i saw the color in Sleek Makeup's website, i was dubious. i don't really tend to favor reds on my lips as i feel they are too much of an attention seeker so i cannot pair it with loud eyes. but lately, i've spent less and less time to get ready in the morning so i don't really devote time to apply eyeshadow to my eyes anymore compared before. boo hoo! but anyway, if there's any consolation it made me consider bold lips instead of just relying on colorful eye makeup. and i think i'll be in love with looks that showcase lips more - thanks to O.M.G.!

what Sleek Makeup says:
* A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat.
* Can be applied using a lip brush for a professional finish. 3.5g

O.M.G. on my lips, only lip balm underneath, nothing over it

my thoughts:
- this is a highly-pigmented lippie alright! i know now why it's called O.M.G. - people who take notice of it will immediately think or say such thing! it's in your face color but it's very classy, it's just love!
- i agree that one coat will give you enough color but i like to apply two coats of lipstick for longer wear (what i do is apply one coat then put tissue between my upper and lower lips then press them together gently and add another coat; i do this both straight from the tube because i don't have the patience to apply with a lipbrush lol)
- this didn't dry out my lips a lot, a little bit perhaps but not bothersome - probably because i wore lip balm underneath
- the color lasts long without touching it (drinking or eating). it wears out when you do drink or eat though.
- i had to take note to exfoliate my lips as if there's flaking of some sort it'll look weird when you apply this
- my daughter got this at for S$16 (free next-day delivery anywhere in Singapore!)
- i think this is the first time i got a tiny lipstick but for the pigmentation of the product i think it's well worth it
- the casing is very classy - matte and black all over, doesn't look cheap at all!

overall, i am proud to be an owner of such lipstick hue! it's definitely memorable, flattering, warm and can make you look sexy in a snap! i never wanted a lipstick i want to have backups of but i think this is one i contemplate on getting! it's that irrestible to me - two thumbs up!

do you own this shade? or have dupes? do tell!

take it easy this beautiful Thursday. God bless us all! (^_^)

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