Review: Kimage Hair Studio (haircut)

almost two months ago, i couldn't bear my excessive hairfall anymore. i had to cut my hair. and so even though i'm very scared to have a local cut my hair (for fear of not being understood what cut i want), i braved confirming an early morning appointment with Kimage Hair Studio at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

the day before the actual appointment, i did a bit of research on the net to see if there are any good reviews for that branch of that salon. i came across one that totally convicted me to go there and he highly recommended Yvonne, the salon manager and a top stylist.

and so when i arrived at 1030am, i was delighted that a pretty woman greeted me and ushered me in. i told her i'm looking for Yvonne and she just asked me to follow her - not knowing it is already her. she guided me to the shampoo area and shampooed my hair. i was shocked when she told me she's my stylist when i asked her who is Yvonne. she shampooed my hair thoroughly, gave me advice on my scalp and massaged my scalp oh-so-good! can't believe that a stylist would do all that, i thought they only do the actual cutting.

after the shampoo, she towel dried my hair and proceeded to cut my hair, asking for my preference. i said i want shorter hair that won't fly away at the sides or back. here she is, giving my hair her "magic touch":

fresh from the salon!

i was really delighted with how my hair turned out! i love how it made me look youthful and blooming! she was offering me a scalp treatment but i was in a rush that day. next time i visit their salon i will have that done! she also gave me some tips on blowdrying and best ways to style my hair, she's very helpful!

i paid S$55 for the services of a top stylist and i got a Kimage Style Card membership for S$20 for 2 years. with that card, i was able to avail 10% discount on my haircut and 10% salon credit which can be used for future visits to the salon. i am totally visiting again! i plan to do so on my birth month when am entitled to 30% discount!

what i love about my new haircut is it's so much manageable now, i've only minimal hairfall, it's very easy to style with and so many people complimented me on it! i totally <3 Yvonne! if you live near Bukit Panjang area, try her services and you won't regret it! (^_^)

the next day...

a couple of days after (please excuse my bare face! focus on the hair :P)

what's your highly recommended salon/stylist in Singapore and why?

have a blast this coming weekend everyone! (i know i will!) God bless us all!

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