DIY: Homemade sugar scrub

i remember i received a newsletter from Sephora Singapore previously that announced they already have Fresh which is supposedly known for their lip treatments. around this time i think i was also asked by my church lifegroup lady friends to prepare for an activity we can do during one of our bonding nights. i know most of them are practical moms so i thought why not do something DIY that is still beauty-related? i initially thought we can do homemade bath salts as that seemed fab but i thought not all of us have bathtubs haha so when are they going to use that?! then i thought why not sugar scrub!

i searched the net for an easy to follow recipe using ingredients that can be found at home and i adapted Petit Elefant's. i modified it a bit and used food color for my personal use - i don't like the boring brown one alone. and here's the end result:

at first, i wanted to use blue or pink food color but they both stains the skin! so i settled for green - didn't stain and it looked outstanding! when i look at it at my bathroom sink, it reminds me of fields - green pasture and dirt underneath it. so calming to look at! the most important thing is, this sloughs off dead skin off my lips and body then moisturizing it afterwards. i use this on my lips after brushing my teeth in the morning and in the evening and it prevents my lips from drying out - fabulous! i sometimes use it on my body too but not often and only in evenings, before going to sleep. i don't feel as comfy in my body compared to my lips that's why but my hubby commented that my skin felt smoother and smelled yummy when he noticed i used it for the first time haha. so there, wanna follow suit?? (^_^)

have a tranquil Tuesday mademoiselles! God bless us all! (^_^)

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