MUFE Mat Velvet+ >> DAY 1

hey gals! before you all forget this blog is existing, i'd just like to post a quick update.

yesterday i went to Sephora Ngee Ann City and picked up MakeUpForEver Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation (in 35).

i got it for S$68. i remembered i also needed (for the longest time) a cosmetic sharpener. the MUA gave me MUFE's although i was planning to get a cheap one (Sephora has one that costs S$7). i went ahead and got it. when i used it later in the evening, i wasn't disappointed - it was easy to use, sharp and didn't give funny edges to the makeup pencils i sharpened. i was happy in the end even if it costs twice that of Sephora's (S$13).

they are having a promotion as well that you get to draw a number from a pumpkin basket to pick your prize for buying S$80 worth of products. i picked #4 and i got this as my freebie:

Soap&Glory body moisturizing mist

i don't really like body moisturizers/lotions but i think i have to give this one a try - it's free anyway! :-)

ok, as the title says i wore the MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundie today and i am liking it. i applied it like i apply my Joppa powder mmu - with a flat top buffer brush. i like the finish - it's natural and it feels very light, as opposed my previous experience with liquid foundation (MAC, Maybelline). tomorrow, i will use my MAC 190SE to see any difference in application. during midday, i still had to blot my face but other than that no major oiliness. i also didn't need to apply BB cream prior to the foundation so that is a major plus.

hopefully i can post FOTD by tomorrow.

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