lip lovin': MAC Slimshine Tropic Glow

hi ladies! i just came back from church camp at Desaru, Malaysia last Sunday and i don't think i've yet recovered from it lol. i still think about it, i actually wish it can be a month-long event! it's that memorable and fun!

anyhoo, i just want to briefly share one of my basic makeup look - foundie / mascara / blush / gloss.

i don't want to call it my natural look because i think looking natural is like having beautiful skin but still not having that "wow, it looks more polished" aura, if that makes sense. i actually want you to ignore everything and focus on the lips - that is what i like about this look.

i used MAC Slimshine in Tropic Glow. if i used my hubby's DLSR, i suppose the picture could be crisper although i like how it turned out.

how are you treating your lips today??? (^_^)

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