new do!

hi everyone! i know i've been away for quite sometime now, sorry for that. nowadays, am either busy at work or at church.

ok, so a few weeks back i finally decided to cut off my mane -- it was getting too long and hard to maintain, not to mention makes more hair to fall off. i initially wanted to go to Next at Holland Village but it was too far from my house (although very near from my workplace) so i had to think of a backup salon - and that was Reds Hairdressing.

my ex-colleague and good friend Amanda recommended Ann of REDS Takashimaya so I went ahead and looked for her as soon as I reached their counter. (She gave me a business card with her off-day reflected after my cut.)

my overall experience at REDS was nice. the staff were efficient - i didn't have to wait too much and everything was done alright. the stylist (Ann) gave me a nice cut and the assistant (Cassandra) was gentle with shampooing and blowdrying my hair. Ann actually asked if i want hair treatment but i was in a hurry that time so i said maybe next time. they also offer tea and biscuit to every customer, although i didn't notice it at first because whoever put it at my station clearly didn't tell me i can touch it hehe. but other than that, it was a pleasurable experience although i wouldn't say grand. and oh, the damage was S$51.60. expensive compared to Manila standards, i know but ok for me since i got a pretty haircut in about 30-40 minutes.

i didn't have a camera with me at the time so i forgot to take picture of my freshly cut hair. but a few days later and after some styling product (volumizing mousee and curler), pretty much my hair looked like this...

sorry if the pic is blurry - i was in a hurry to go out to dinner that time.

when i go back to Manila this December, i plan to have a rebond and color with my trusted color professional stylist Weng of Affascinante Salon. yey!

when did you last went to the salon for anything to pamper your crowning glory???

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