Review: Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set

I remember there was a time when Japonesque brushes were highly raved and it was about the same time the mineral makeup purchases peaked (well, in my experience at least in Philippines). So I've always been curious about their line but I don't want to buy online. One day sometime in mid 2011 if I recall correctly, I readily purchased a Japonesque brush set I saw at Beauty Bar Robinsons Manila - the Touch Up Tube Set in black. I got brushes but don't have a handy set since I'm not fond of retouching my makeup (especially eye makeup, reason why I take my time in the morning to do it as nicely as I can) so I thought maybe I can give this one a try.

The pitch:
- Five Essential Brushes In a Sleek Compact Case
- Encased in a black, sleek tube designed for portability and protection, the JAPONESQUE® Professional Touch Up Tube Set contains five brushes essential for keeping makeup flawless throughout the day or night. This unique set includes a foundation brush, a lip brush, two eye detailers and a blush/powder brush. All brushes feature a short matte wand for superior control. A great multi-tasking set ideal for the purse, desk drawer or as a gift.

My thoughts:
- the handles of the brushes were sturdy and beautiful in matte finish
- the black container is made of light metal and has a matte finish too. Also, the size is just right to put in a dainty bag or even a wallet-sized purse!
- the foundation brush is too small, I thought it was a concealer brush. I suppose it can be used as one but it will take a lot of time to use it for such purpose, although this is intended for touch up only so it was probably why it's sized as such. I thought just maybe I would need so but then I'd have to bring my liquid foundation as well which would defeat the purpose of it being handy. I suppose it can be used for a stick foundation (I've a travel friendly one from Shiseido) so there it can be used, LOL. However, I don't really touch up foundation though, so I didn't really found this useful.
- the two eye detailer brushes had little difference in size in actuality compared than in photos. Maybe it will matter for those with smaller lids, where the smaller one could be preferable for example applying at smaller areas that the bigger brush may spoil for its size. I tried these for touching up and they're not so bad. I wouldn't recommend it for initial application though as the product won't really stick much to it. it is just good for packing on already applied eyeshadow lids. I had to take it easy on application, the brushes can be a but prickly if rubbed on hard - you need a light hand.
- the lip brush functions as an ordinary one but I thought this is a bit longer and thinner than what am used to (for example, MAC and Charm).
- the powder brush could apply blush decently but you have to restraint your hand or you may put too much. this brush is also not good for blending so best wishes if you streak application, you'd still need a good blending brush perhaps a kabuki. at times it can get prickly as well and sheds some from time to time.
- the price is hefty for 5 tiny brushes ~ a whooping PhP1,450 (or was it PhP1,200). A dismal investment for moi.

my overall thoughts: skip this if you're buying; has an average impact for a gift (although a gift is still a gift so if someone gave this to me instead perhaps I'd feel a LOT better than buying it.) it probably will be useful for gals who like to touch up often to make full use of it. other than this reason, do yourselves a favor and probably get MAC holiday brush sets instead if you feel like splurging.

do you have a Japonesque brush or brush set? care to tell me your experience with it, maybe it will change my mind and retry this brand?! ;-D

have a blessed day lassies!

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