affordable accents

bazaars are quite attractive imo because there is a big possibility that you can score deals there. and that is exactly what i've found!

earlier, my colleagues and I visited the bazaar inside our campus (I work in a school) and i snagged these adorable accessories:

silver linked hearts rings (one fits my middle finger and another fits my ring finger), antique gold angel wings ring & silver necklace with multi-gem crusted crab pendant

i got the rings for $4 (S$2.20 each but I got discount for getting both since there's none left), S$7 for the wings ring and S$8.90 for the necklace. I must say these are gorgeous in person - the picture doesn't do it justice (taken using iPhone 4 only!) I'll repost another picture that'll hopefully give crisper details. the materials on these accessories look and feel sturdy and doesn't look cheap so they're great pieces. I hope to get inspiration from these when I think of new makeup looks to sport - haven't been doing that in a while huh?

care to share what great deals have you bagged lately???

have a great weekend y'all!

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