My first Makeup Workshop: RMK Holiday 2011

i think first-times are memorable. it doesn't matter whether it's good or bad, you almost always will remember it. why? because venturing into something new to you challenges you, frightens you and excites you all at the same time. and that is no less what i've felt when i've attended my very first makeup workshop - with RMK.

i went to one of their workshops, featuring their holiday collection, with Agnes - a sister in faith. we were both very excited to be doing this together for the first time.

are you excited to find out what we experienced? enter pictures!

our before (workshop) pic

everything laid out so nicely!

this made me crave for a dresser in my room. someday! (^_^)

skincare talk

this was a great opportunity to try out their skincare items and i've liked their UV Face Protector, Gel Scrub and Recovery Gel. i bought their UV Face Protector and i got sample size of Gel Scrub. have used both of them and it's just love! have plans on getting the Recovery Gel - was deterred at the time to buy it because it's S$97 for 40g! but i think it's worth it so i vow to splurge on it one day hehe...

our after skincare pic (yeah, i got a pimple that day! stubborn... lol)

ready for some makeup base!

onto the good stuff.. makeup portion! by RMK Japanese MUA Mr. Akinobu

he only speaks and understands Nihonggo so he has an interpreter (lady at the right). i find it cute when he talks haha.

SAs posing and showing off the Christmas 2011 palette

i initially wanted to get this but because of the steep price for the sheer finish, i passed. but it was really nifty! a lot of things included in one handy palette, very cool.

the interpreter is giving intro about Christmas 2011 palette

Mr. Akinobu asking us to pick a holiday look to do on the model

Mr. Akinobu in action!

Mr. Akinobu applying the purplish holiday look

workshop done - posing with our self made-up faces!

Mr. Akinobu was very approachable and obliged to have our picture taken with him. He's also very encouraging throughout the session. When it is our turn to apply after he's shown it, he roamed around and talked to us one by one. When i was applying eyeshadow, he commented that he liked the way i applied my makeup, yey! He's cool and nice! (^_^)

they had yummy light refreshments (ate some already before remembering to take a pic first haha)

liked these fruit tarts very much! they're light and tasted fresh.

our after (workshop) pics - the coverage is light but better-than-skin, great for everyday wear!

the coverage of their foundation is very light to my liking as am used and prefers heavy coverage but i must admit, the finish looks naturally radiant - no wonder there are lots of raves about their foundation! i've settled to buy their makeup base since i love those too and helps to give that radiant glow.

i spent S$100 for that workshop and in turn that S$100 was totally redeemable with their products. there were also gwp (gifts with purchase), samples and door gifts.

ok onto the haul - prepare yourselves with my biggest one-time haul to date!

from left to right: Eye gel, Skintuner EX Moist, Skintuner Smoother Light, Nail Color in True Pink, Gel Scrub, UV Face Protector, Fruit Barrier Cream, UV Face Protector, Eyelash curler, Creamy Soap, Concentrate Cream, Eye makeup remover, Cleansing Milk, Cotton, Smoothing Polished Base and Creamy Polished Base


here are my purchases:

Creamy Polished Base

this helps my makeup last for 8-10 hours and give that radiant glow - just wonderful!

Smoothing Polished Base

i bought this especially to minimize (greatly) the appearance of large pores on my face and it's a lifesaver!

UV Face Protector

lightweight sunblock that's non-greasy and easily absorbed - wow!

Eyelash Curler

sorry Shu Uemura but my list of must-haves from your line keeps on getting shorter. that said, i've converted from getting your curler to RMK's. half the price, superb performance. who won't switch?

(Special) Cotton

we were told during the workshop that since this cotton has a soft mesh material on one side, that it helps for product to be absorbed by the skin better. i'm not really totally sold into that sales talk but i needed a filler to reach the total for a gwp so i bought this. lol.

ok, onto the freebies!


from left to right: Creamy Soap, Concentrate Cream, Eye makeup remover and Cleansing Milk

have tried all of these except the makeup remover and they're quite average. glad that these are just freebies. however, these came in handy when i went to an overseas trip. i love skincare travel kits!

door gifts and samples

from left to right: Eye gel, Skintuner EX Moist, Skintuner Smoother Light, RMK Nail Color in True Pink, Gel Scrub, Fruit Barrier Cream and UV Face Protector

i've used both Skintuner samplers, which each are supposed to be toner and moisturizer in one, and i feel like they're nice. it is refreshing, but will i skip moisturizer? no. so i won't be purchasing that one, although i'd happily accept as a gift haha! i've tried the Nail Color too and even though it's not what they are known for surprisingly it's of sound quality, am actually pondering on getting more in the future. i like the Gel Scrub, the exfoliating bits in it gently lifts out dirt from my face and gives me that "clean feel" without drying it out. i'm still battling with myself if am going to buy a full size of this because the scent ticks me off a bit - it has that pungent kiwi aroma. if it were a bit subtle, i'd buy it in a heartbeat. hmn, we'll see. as for the Fruit Barrier, i felt it's still thicker than what i'd hope a day moisturizer will be so i'll pass. i heart the UV Face Protector though, as you can see above i bought a full sized one!

all in all, it was a good experience to be in a makeup workshop. although the tips and tricks taught there were pretty basic and almost everything were known to me already, actually experiencing being in one made me feel somewhat special - from the SAs trying to fuss over you in helping you try the products and the MUA being helpful and encouraging. i'd recommend RMK makeup workshops for those wanting to try their products for the first time because you'd want to know how their products work and are applied as well as even those long-time RMK fans who want to hear of what's new and get superb deals on purchases.

care to share your makeup workshop experiences? love 'em or leave 'em?

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