a closer look at Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof mascara

i was intrigued by all the publicity for this new mascara. several bus stop ads and Watsons counter posters grabbed my attention - i just had to know what the fuzz is about.

been able to try this mascara for over a week now. i like it's effect and hold.

here is a short pic realization of it's effects:

clean lashes

after 1 coat

after 2 coats

in terms of building up volume, i agree this packs on the goods. there are no fibers included (which Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing has that i loathe), but the usual creamy product. it's reasonably priced too, probably cheaper if i got it in Manila. and it stays on until you remove it, because it's waterproof.

one of the things i didn't like about it though is the applicator. it was chunkier than what am used to from L'Oreal's and Majolica Majorca's. it was a bit hard to work it, you'd had to be very careful to apply it or you'll end up applying mascara in all the wrong places as well as clump your lashes if you are "eager to apply lash over and over".

all in all, i'd say it's a pretty good find. go ahead and try it yourself. ;)

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