changed for the good: Shu Uemura Mark Cealer

for months, i've been meaning to get an overdue replacement for my Shu Uemura Pro Spots Concealer (i've acquired for like 3+ years already). but there were just so many considerations on my mind (MAC Studio Sculpt, Benefit Boi-ing, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, MUFE HD Invisible Cover Concealer) i don't know which one to pick. i realized however that i love Shu's so why switch? besides, all of the other brands i've been eyeing are western brands and am on an asian beauty product vibe so why jinx it hehe.

so when i went to Takashimaya's Shu counter i was shocked to find it gone - or changed. it's called differently, packaged differently and even applies differently. i'm however surprised that the price stayed the same - S$55. affordable and very good value for money, as my previous one lasted for years.

before i show you a li'l demo, here are some visual comparisons:

box still looks the same except for the product name

bottles look similar except for the font color and text placement

then: plastic rounded tip applicator; now: doe-fot sponge applicator

although described creamy, this version is a little watery compared to the old formula which is rich creamy imo

i prefer to use before foundation, as i use MMU (which is loose powder form)

here is a short pic demo of how i apply it for my dark undereye:

clean face, only applied moisturizer lightly

consistency is a bit watery than the rich, creamy older version but not too runny - see, it still holds up it's shape and don't have the potential to be cakey unlike previously where applying too much can become disastrous

patted concealer around undereye - don't i now look well-rested compared to the "before" shot?

in the end, i like this product. i say like - and not love - because i find that applying one layer doesn't satisfy my expectation of fully covered dark undereye complexion but i can always add another layer if need be. that, i still need to explore. what i love though is that it doesn't feel like a concealer at all - so light, feels like moisturizer, easy-breezy to apply and smoothen out. it also doesn't have (imho) the potential to cake. the price is reasonable as well, because it can last me for a long, long time. am not sure about the applicator, but since i pat the product on my undereye when i haven't applied any product on my face yet sounds good so am not really worried about "soiling" the product.

i have a feeling i will keep this asian-beauty-product-high for a while. am actually thinking of buying Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick (for a longer lasting and much picture-friendly foundation, since i've ditched MAC Studio Fix foundation ages ago). Uh-oh... hehe!

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