drugstore/flea market finds

here are some of my recent hauls from drugstores/flea markets:

eyebrow hair razor

got this at Fairprice for S$5.90. useful if you need to get rid of very short strands of brow hair that's hard to pull out with a tweezer.


i never really owned one ever so i thought i'd finally purchase one. am not really good at fixing my brows yet, but how can i practice if i don't have tools? i hope this'll help me. got this at Watsons but i forgot for how much... around S$10? but definitely not over S$15. it's sleek, lightweight and matte - i like it! here's hoping to getting it to good and habitual use hehe. btw, i plan to use this when the brow hair is too short to be cut by a brow scissor.

(remember this??? i use it when my brows have grown long and it's a bit awkward to pull hairs off one by one.)


saw a flea market at Youth Park (Scape) in Orchard last Sunday. i was drawn to a hobo skirt initially but my heart skipped when i saw this shade from a nearby stall selling OPI polishes. got this at S$12. no box included though but looks untouched/brand new. haven't used this yet, but even inside the bottle the color looks gorgeous!

Majolica Majorca Gorgeous Wing

got this at Watsons for S$25.90. had to replenish the other one i have for its older than 3 months already. i love how this volumizes but from experience, i've learned that i've got to be careful not to rub my eyes when wearing this as the "fibers" seem to detach from my lashes and got sucked in my eyes. ouch indeed.

i hope to get items from MAC soon since Viva Glam is launching on the 5th and Spring Forecast on the 19th. i am actually hoping that only a few items will call me so i won't splurge that much hehe.

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