what makes me happy

sorry for the long pause in posting, my work is up to my neck lately! Anyway, I've decided to let you all know am still alive by doing a tag post. :)

thank you Aiyoh for tagging me!

the rules:
1. post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today.
2. link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people.

what makes me happy? simple things really... hard to believe huh, with all the "kaartehan" i project with my makeup and whatnot hehe.

10. receiving gifts i really like. it doesn't have to be expensive or branded. but if the giver took time to pick or make a gift for me that shows that person knows what i am fond of, then that warms my heart.

9. cleaning. especially when am angry or frustrated, cleaning is my way of breathing out bad vibes out of my system. i finish it up with a shower and am back to my happy old self. ;D

8. singing or listening to music. music is my first love when it comes to arts (second is makeup) so it's no surprise that it soothes me whatever mood i am in. it seems to be my company when i am sad, happy, angry, lost, confused, triumphant... everything! even if a song's mood is sad and makes me realize that i am really sad (like those sad breakup songs, when i was in my teens), it still uplifts my energy because i am able to express my feelings thru it.

7. accomplishing my goals. whether it be at work, family matters or whatchamacallit, knowing that i was able to achieve something i looked forward to finishing gives me butterflies in my stomach. ;D

6. finishing a book or series of books. whenever i can or have the time to do so, i love reading books. i find it fascinating to imagine scenes in my head and i achieve that by reading. i can spend a whole day reading and not get bored compared to playing a video game.

5. MAC collections. whether there are lots or a handful of products i like in any of their collections, MAC always makes my pulse race whenever they launch one! i love MAC of all makeup brands because it sort of captures my personality - very bubbly and colorful!

4. getting together with friends. be it good or bad times, i feel secure knowing i have real friends when i need them most or when they me most. i may only have few true friends but i can rely on all of them - proven over time since HS. :)

3. reminiscing happy moments in my life. be it good times with my hubby when we were just bf-gf, unforgettable moments during childhood or simple sweet things any of my loved ones did for me recently like a hug, kiss or kind gesture, it puts a smile in my face remembering them.

2. hearing "i love you" from my loved ones. be it from my hubby, children, mom, siblings or relatives, i enjoy the reassurance. since my father died, i appreciate telling everyone i love that they matter to me so much and so it makes my day when they tell me the same thing. my father was a quiet man who rarely said his feelings even more physically show it. but a few days before he died, he hugged me when i cannot recall a time in my life that he ever did. at that moment, he wanted to let me know he loved me. i thought it was because he was sick at the time that he became sentimental, now i think of it as a way of him reassuring his love for me before he leaves us.

1. family (my hubby, my daughter & my son) get together. may it be just them greeting me when i come home at the end of a stressful workday or spending time with them having fun, above all nothing will beat that to plaster a grin the MereMakeupManiac's face. ;)

The one I'm going to do today is the most important of all, of course - my top one. i think the hubby ran out of ideas what to have for dinner so maybe we'll grab a bite outside. it doesn't really matter, as long as we are together. ;)

and now it's your turn to tell! i hope making you post about what makes you happy will make you happy today. ;D

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