at long last... hauling MAC again!

it's been a looooong time since i bought makeup, much less MAC! i've been anticipating the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes (AAARAS) collection for a while now and i picked some items up the other day. i've been meaning to get 3 items: Penultimate Brow Marker, Universal Mix p/g and Mink brow set. i got the first two and skipped the last one because i found the swatch dull - it was dark gray and i didn't think it'll flatter my skintone.

here's the damage!

Universal Mix p/g

i did a swatch of Universal Mix, but i included it in my swatches post (please see right-hand menu and look for it under Makeup Maniac's Manual). from now on, all swatches i do will be in one post only so you ladies can easily look for colors and not need to look at every post i enter. i was only able to manage swatching and taking pictures of my MAC pigments at the moment, so watch out for other swatches like blushes, lippies, eyeshadows, etc.

on another note, it's kinda ironic how this is my very first full size pigment and it's already in the new packaging. this is slimmer and/or taller than the previous one. also, i got this at S$38.

Penultimate Universal Brow Marker

i haven't swatched this yet because as i've said i was only able to do swatches of my pigments so check out my swatches post on the right-hand side menu for updates. this one costs S$31.

something also caught my eye while doing grocery last week - brow trimming scissors.

i got it for $13.90, quite pricey for an ubranded tool but i roadtested it and it seemed high quality - the blades were sharp and even the brow comb attached seems to work very well. now i can trim my long brows. although i suppose this takes time to learn to use since on my very first try i almost cut my brow hair too short!

ladies, i haven't forgotten my promised contest for this month. i am finalizing the mechanics as well as the prizes i intend to give away. i was actually planning to get stuff overseas to give you ladies the updated beauty products but most online shops i go to do not ship cosmetics here. bummer. guess i'll have to scour the department stores for your prizes then. :) on that note, if you have any beauty product you'd like to win on a contest, leave me a comment. i'll check it out and who knows, i might include it as a prize! ;)

tomorrow is also eve of Chinese New Year so to all my Chinese readers, Gong Xi Fa Cai! i myself will be enjoying the holidays incurred by this occassion so hopefully i can get my hands on everything i've been meaning to upload here in my site. stay tuned!

happy weekend ladies!

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