sampling: Curél face pack

i've always loved hauling makeup and skincare but since i moved back to Singapore couple of years ago, i've never been more into it. not only because there are more brands here worth checking out for and cosmetics regularly hold sales/promotions, there are lots who also give out samples before you actually buy the product. and one day proding around facebook did i bump into Curél - distributed by Kao (a Japanese brand founded in 1887 and incorporated in 1940). to get sample pack of their face, body or hair line, you need to visit and signup (Singapore address only.) you'll be asked of your preference from the three lines - my first choice was face and that's what arrived!

i appreciate that they have their own envelope for branding and better presentation than using usual brown mailers. i think that presentation/imaging is really inherent with Japanese brands.

some info and instructions how to use their products

Moisture Lip Care Stick

lately i've been getting hooked on lip care items (Burt Bee's Pomegranate Lip Balm, MOR Lip Macaron Cassis Noir, DIY Sugar Scrub) that this quickly got my attention. i haven't tried the sample yet but if i like it, i will add another lip care item in my stash!

UV Protection Face Milk

Moisture Face Milk

Moisture Lotion II

i'm not sure about you but for me, the product names kinda confused me - with products sharing the same words (moisture, milk). in the product list, you'll also find that there are 3 variants for Moisture Lotion - I, II, III. reading through the brochure also gave me the impression that this is most effective for use of someone with dry skin - which is opposite mine, oily. not a surprise, this ended up to someone else - i don't wish to look like a disco ball in broad daylight. this is what they also say in their website's ( Q&A:

What types of skin care are Curél products suitable for?

Curél is a skincare series specially formulated for people who suffer from recurring dryness and sensitivity caused by external irritation. Curél products have high efficacy in retaining moisture in skin by protecting and replenishing ceramide. It helps to boost skin’s natural barrier function and defend against external irritations.

odd thing though, they say normal and oily skin can use it too.

Can Curél products be used on normal and oily skin?


me disagrees... from experience i can say that skin products are best used by skin types they are formulated for. i don't believe in skincare that says it can be used by all skin types.

they may also have realized that there will be a confusion on the naming of Moisture Lotion. in one of the Q&A items, they tried to address that:

How do I distinguish the uses between Moisture Lotion I, II, III, Moisture Face Milk, Intensive Moisture Cream, UV Protection Face Milk, and UV Protection Face Cream?

Moisture Lotion is suitable for those who prefer a rich hydrating experience, while Moisture Lotion I is suitable for those who prefer a light and refreshing moisturizing sensation. All three lotions provide the same moisturizing effect and can be selected based on personal preference.

When Moisture Face Milk is used regularly, Intensive Moisture Cream can be added to the moisturization regime for areas especially prone to dryness.

UV Protection Milk has a silky-light texture, which is suitable for those who perspire easily. UV Protection Face Cream provides a richer moisturizing effect, and is best used for areas of skin particularly prone to dryness.

overall, i must say that even though i've chosen not to try most samples they had to offer (due to skin incompatibility) i still loved their sampling service - from the time i signed up for it, how easy was that to do, how they even captured my preference, the presentation of the samples themselves and the cleanliness of the product packaging. i do hope they (either Curél or Kao) will come up with products for oily skin soon! then i'll definitely try them out - as what made me dive into Avene skincare previously as well. nevertheless, there are other items they carry that i might actually buy like the UV Protection Face Cream, Moisture Eye Zone Essence and the Moisture Lip Care Stick. i'll update you if i do try them out.

if you want more details and/or further updates from Curél, visit their website - - and/or like their Facebook page -

*disclaimer: i'm not paid to blog about Curél or Kao. this blog post is the result of my experience with their sampling service. the entirety of this entry is my sole and honest opinion.

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