may be MIA for a while...

hi readers. sorry if i haven't been posting for a few days. i was totally swamped with work last week and towards the weekend, things that truly matter happened and today i was really strucked by it's reality, i cannot just for the life of me blog about beauty. one of my sister-in-faith has a daughter who is now in the hospital, in a critical condition. our church are praying fervently for her divine healing. her name is Reni and if you can offer a prayer to the Lord Almighty, our Father who sent Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, for her miraculous healing i believe the Lord will hear out your prayer and i'll be very, very grateful. just saw her an hour ago lying on the bed, with his husband at his side and her mother crying out beside me, praying to God, asking Him for His mercy and grace upon her life. i am realizing again that only living for God's glory matters in this life. i've recently had my own battle with sickness middle of this year, when i discovered so many kidney stones in my left kidney. i totally relied to God and no one else, for i know only He can deliver me from it. true enough, He healed me in His time - i was declared stone-free by the doctor after three ESWL sessions. it is the second time He saved me, for the first time was from my sins, when i received Him as my Lord and Saviour. so now i know that i am reminded that although we can do things here on earth, it is most important to pay close attention to what matters most - our relationship with God, our families, how we treat people and how do we spread God's good news. i may get criticized for this "religious" post but i am not ashamed to ask you to pray for a sister in need if you can. i know God rewards a humble heart and i pray that you will be blessed.

on posting more entries, i will still be posting because my blog exists to inspire women to empower themselves with cosmetics and anything beauty-related. however, i'll probably resume doing so next week as i realized this brought about things i want to prioritize and consider heavily in my life right now.

i pray that you will have a blessed week! God bless and loves all of you!

if you have a prayer need or request, i will be more than happy to pray for you as well. just let me know either in email, if you are a bit shy to let me know in the comments. 

God bless you!

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