my new do

it's been 1 1/2 months since i had my cut, color and rebond. i like it better each day that passes - i get tons of compliments about it (thanks very much Weng of Affascinante Salon!)

*if you don't know me, am the third lady from the right - in the brown blouse/white shorts ensemble :D

sorry if my shot is not close enough to see the details but at least you have an idea of how it frames my face nicely. here is another shot after a few days of the treatment, just so you can see how nice the color and shine of my hair is:

(am the one whose back is at the camera in the brown polo tee hehe)

am very happy with my look! people around me takes notice of my hair and they say whoever did this was very professional and very good! ;-)

how is your crowning glory nowadays?

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