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29 July 2011

AAA means Accessories And Announcement

last Sunday, i picked up some new accessories so i can use them for the upcoming church anniversary of my beloved church, Hope Church Singapore, as i will be part of the ushering ministry that day. i went to Forever21 at Somerset@313 and here's what i got:

Details after the jump

27 July 2011

i got BELOfied!

i went back to Manila around late second week of July to get my 3rd ESWL. but before that, i went to Belo at The Residences @ Greenbelt with my youngest sister to get a facial and advice on how to improve our skin. i've never had facial EVER before so i didn't know what to expect.

when we arrived, the ladies at the reception greeted us promptly and asked our names to know our appointment. the ambiance of the clinic is very serene, inviting and pleasant. immediately after getting in, i inhaled this clean, jasmine(?) aroma - uhm, very soothing.

one of the ladies at the reception received us, then ushered us into available seats and shortly thereafter were offered drinks then asked to fill up a form (since it's our first time there). after a little while, we were assisted to our respective treatment rooms for the facial.

my facialist that day was Matet. she was pretty (her skin was radiant!), professional and very accomodating with my queries. she also made me feel at ease and even kept saying sorry whenever she senses i feel pain during the session hehe. i received a glycolic peel, which she says is recommended for my oily skin. my memory is failing me now (probably because of too many GAs!) but from what i can recall it started with me lying face up (duh! :P), put on eye mask on my peepers then she applied glycolic on my entire face - she even warned me that i may feel a slight burn (hapdi) or itchiness. after it was applied though, i didn't feel anything like that so i thought that was ok. afterwards i think she put on something else to supposedly sooth my skin then i felt there is already a steamer blowing on my face, which is used to open up the pores i think. when all of that was done, i knew the pricking will follow. and during the session my belief that i have high pain threshold was shattered - when the pricking got nasty tears almost fell from my eyes! as this was all happening, she kept on apologizing whenever i moan a little louder than usual hehe. you'd think that would be annoying but i actually thought it was sweet and considerate of her. :) when it was finally over, i really expected my face to look seriously red but it wasn't. i was very happy with the service Matet has given me and i told her i would want to go back for a facial after one month. i was just happy at the moment that my first facial experience went very well. i read horror stories of facial gone wrong and am glad i didn't have that especially on my first try.

after the facial, she ushered me back to the seats outside the treatment room and asked to wait for a while to see the derma for consultation. after a little while, i was called to see the derma (i forgot to get her name @_@) for the consult. she asked me of my skin concerns and told her about the bumps around my eyelids and forehead as well as the pigmentation around my cheeks. for the bumps, they were diagnosed as syringomas. syringomas are harmless sweat duct tumors, typically found clustered on eyelids, although they may also be found in the armpits, umbilicus, or vulva. they are skin-colored or yellowish firm rounded bumps, 1-3 mm in diameter and may be removed with erbium or carbon dioxide lasers. i've actually known for over 2 years now that the bumps around my eyelids are syringomas and that even if i opt to have them taken out, they will highly likely to reappear around after 3 months. she also told me that if i will continually have it removed each time they appear, scars are a possibility as lasers will take its toll on skin especially when done several times repeatedly. she advised that they are best to be left alone to my dismay. :( the derma i consulted a couple of years ago told me the same but i just thought i'd try with Belo, hoping they have another way with getting rid of it but sadly i got the same advice. moving on, i asked her what can we do about the pigmentation on my cheeks to even out my skintone. she advised two systems that i can use - the Belo Acne Control Kit or Obagi. she said if i want faster results i can use Obagi but if am not in a hurry i could try the Belo acne control kit. she actually said the acne control kit could benefit me already as i don't have acne to start with, just a few pimples from time to time due to menstural periods and uneven skintone. i was convinced to get it and so i did. i paid a total of PhP3,500.00+ for my visit (PhP1,100.00+ for the glycolic facial and PhP2,400.00+ for the kit).

my sister was another story though. she has intermediate acne and was advised to take either the Obagi or a modified version. she was actually pondering on getting Obagi but i asked her to reassess her budget (Obagi costs PhP19,000.00). she ended up getting the modified version which totalled to about PhP9,000.00+. we went home feeling and looking better. ;)

read my skincare routine and thoughts after the jump

26 July 2011

Dry 'N Shape by Sigma

Sigma brushes have been on my list of lemmings for the longest time but because i've banned myself to not buy brushes for a while, it got forgotten - until a few days ago, when i revived once again my almost-dying blog. :P while in the course of creating posts, i visited Sigma's website and found out they have a new product - Dry 'N Shape. it's supposed to dry makeup brushes in 4-6 hours and retain the original shape of it's hair. how fabuluous does that sound?

More pictures and video after the jump

25 July 2011

celebrity look version: Amy Winehouse

by now, you may have already known that British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse has passed away. she is very talented and died at a very young age, such a waste of talent and life. speculations are that she died from alcohol and drug abuse.

maybe if she knew God personally her life would have been different, like what happened to Brian Welch (Korn).

anyway, as i read some articles surrounding her death several images of her surfaced as well. this made me decide to do a look with her signature style - exaggerated winged liner. this look is pretty easy and quick to do - you'll only use a handful of items.

see my version of her look after the jump

22 July 2011

operation wardrobe update

wow, time sure does fly - it's already the end of a work week! (^__^) that means, a few more hours away from resting over the weekend. other than resting, dressing up or down is a good idea too. (~__^)

speaking of dress, wanna share with you ladies some updates in my wardrobe arena. i purchased some of these items from Manila just over a week ago before i went for my surgery and some here in Singapore.

introducing...! :P

EXHIBIT A - DP beige kitty heels

21 July 2011

unintentional ardour - Burt Bee's lip balm & UD Black Palette

couple of months ago, i decided to get a new lip balm as my MAC lip conditioner is tasting a li'l bit like metal. *shudders* so, i gave Sephora a visit and came out with more. :P

been hearing a lot of good reviews about Burt's Bees lip balm so i checked it out first. i was a bit turned off with the price - S$9.90. imagine only a lip balm for that amount *sheesh*. but alright, i thought, "i'll bite." and here i am very satisfied with it hehe. i tried the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.

20 July 2011

Swedish mane lavish

early of this year, i tried a new shampoo and conditioner for my newly rebonded hair. i went to Beauty Language at Bukit Panjang Plaza (Singapore) and the sales attendant recommended me the Swedish brand called Reference.

19 July 2011

nail addiction re-awakening

hi ladies! i'm happy to post a beauty entry again - i know it's been ages. am active in FB though. (^_^)

during my December vacation in Manila last year, i was able to hoard a bit on nail products. i ran out of basecoat (i previously finished a large bottle of Orly Top2Bottom) and need replenishment ASAP. i still got the same basecoat but in a smaller size and i picked out another one - Orly Tough Cookie.

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